The Dragonfly Principle

An Exploration of the Body's Function in
Unfolding Spirituality

Mary Hamilton

“I believe that we are like dragonflies and engage in a process of incomplete metamorphosis. We can no longer fantasize that one day we will spin a cocoon, go to sleep, pray that our body parts reform into great wings and wake up as enlightened butterflies. Rather, our present-day awareness is incomplete and developing into a more encompassing form. I call this emerging form, original flesh. Flesh transforms into a being of consciousness that supports expanding spiritual awareness. This consciousness embraces our capacity to endure the growing pains demanded for expansion into spiritual dimensions. With eyes wide open to the process of shedding outworn ways, we develop inner strength and endurance. We mature into a lucid condition that feels like the transparent wings of a dragonfly.”
from the Preface.

ISBN 0968703712 $30.00

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